Emotional motion.

The visual switch has no off position for me. I make images whenever the moment presents itself, and that’s pretty often.  

I’ve had a good look around the world, every US state and 139 different countries.  But many of my favorite images happen at home.  

These are passing moments.  My life.  A simple love of photography.  



To navigate this site there a few simple tools.  In the upper right corner of each image is a plus sign.  If you click on it, the picture will enlarge to full-screen.   

If the picture is already full screen you can reduce it by clicking on the x in the upper right hand corner.  This will allow you to see the scroll and read the captions.

At the end of many of the captions that go with the images in the Portfolio section of the site there are links to videos.  I’d love you to go and look, but if you do, please come back to

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