California Daydreaming / by Bill Frakes


A very simple residential neighborhood, and a good place for a stroll.  


Creativity isn't strictly about exotic locations, unique content, or fancy equipment.

It's about what's inside, and how you bring it out.  


For the last 25 years I've been pretty much in constant motion. Planes. Trains. Cars. Racing from one assignment to the next.  

I get asked fairly often what my personal images look like. Every image is personal to me. No matter who I am working for or where I am, the photographs matter exactly the same.  Every assignment - every time I put the camera to my eye - it's personal.  

Over the past couple of weeks, as I've been spending a lot of time editing, I've pushed myself back from the computers and taken an hour or two most days and gone for long slow walks around the neighborhood.


Not using a car is good for my legs, for my heart (in more ways than one), and allows me to see the things around the neighborhood. Just me, and my iPhone.

I love to walk. It gives me extra time to think, to enjoy, to see the common things in an uncommon way, to look at everything twice. 


My images come mainly from a place of emotion.  When I'm looking, I take my time physically but my mind is racing. When I'm in the act of taking photographs I'm very still, inside and out, enjoying the moment, feeling the process, and appreciating the now .  


All of these images were taken and edited on an older iPhone. The words were also written on the phone.

The design and publication of the gallery and blog completed on the same device.