Ain't No Grave / by Laura Heald


Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of working once again with the talented Rachel Price in her hometown of O'Neill, Nebraska.

We were all going to be in the state at the same time. Bill and Laura were working on a continuation of the Nebraska Project. Rachel was home for some tour dates.

We were able to assemble a great team last month for our continued work out there. Roy Rossovich came to town from Stockholm, Tricia Coyne flew in from North Carolina, and Kyle Henderson joined from Indiana.

In the middle of our various work schedules, we were able to get everyone together for an afternoon to shoot this cover of Johnny Cash's “Ain't No Grave.”

Our good friends, Katie and Kevin Morrow, chipped in with some pre-scouting help. No one knows that area better than Kevin, and he found an old graveyard between farms outside of O'Neill.

We got lucky on the weather. Overcast was exactly what we needed for the mood. We worked quickly, shooting everything on the Red Dragon using three Nikkor lenses - the 24mm PL, the 45mm PL and the new 300mm f/4.

Rachel Price on set/
It was windy that day and Rachel couldn't here the portable speaker, so we attached an iPhone to her back with some tape.
DOP Roy Rossovich runs the Red.
Bill gives direction on a jib shot for the opening scene.

We wanted the perspective control lenses to give the video a dreamy feel. We coupled that with some motion employed by the Cinevate Atlas 200 slider and an EZ-FX jib.

We hope you enjoy the video. You can watch it now. And Happy Halloween!