Alex “The Buddha” Collins / by Bill Frakes

Three years ago SI Kids Director of Photography Marguerite Schropp Lucarelli asked Laura and me to do a  piece on Erin DiMeglio, a high school quarterback in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

She was great to work with, just a wonderful kid and a terrific story.

One of her friends and teammates, Alex "The Buddha" Collins, was a running back who was unstoppable on a competitive south Florida high school team. He ran over everyone.  We focused on Erin, but Buddha was always there--being a buddy off the field and a strong support on.

Getting ready to board my flight today to Atlanta I watched Alex on an airport tv still at it as the featured back in Arkansas' attack.  17 carries for 91 yards, in the first half.

He's been a star from the time he joined the Razorbacks.  A junior, this year he has carried for 1262 yards for a 5-6 team playing a tough SEC schedule.

Nice to see a familiar face with a lot of sun shining on it.