Havana / by Bill Frakes


It's Havana's birthday. She's a dozen years old today.

I remember when I met her so clearly.

She has had an incredible effect on my life.  I see things with a softer edge now that she is in the world.

In Osaka, Japan Alexander Hassenstein, who I met first in Barcelona at the Olympics when he was barely 17, and then again in St Perersburg Russia during the Goodwill  Games, asked me what my new daughter was called.  ....when I told him Havana his  eyes lit up, and he called Germany immediately to speak to Sabine--then carrying their unborn daughter--and he said "I have her name.  It must be Havana."

Two old friends, who behave like children,  crossing paths all over the world, sharing stories about their Havanas.  And an unspoken bond forged through a love of life, people, and images.

More of my images of Havana through the years are on my Website.