I Spy With My Little Eye...Something Small / by Laura Heald

We have a new favorite travel companion. The imaging options just keep getting better and better. This little guy is loaded with features and is just so cute.

On Wednesday Nikon announced several new products. A 85mm f/1.4 and 35mm f/1.4 not least among them. Bill spoke at the Nikon Switzerland launch party in Zurich and we were able to see all the new products first hand.

Bill at Nikon's launch party in Zurich

They are all extremely well engineered, but the Coolpix P7000 is the one that caught our attention.

It's a point-and-shoot with power. It gives you full manual control with the option to save several presets. It's light and quiet. The shutter is literally silent. It records jpegs and NRWs -- a new Nikon raw file. It allows you to shoot from 28mm to 200mm at apertures from 2.8 to 22. You have the option to shoot from the LCD screen or the range finder. It's incredible.

The files are extremely sharp and robust. You can do with a point-and-shoot what you could never do before.

Pascal Richard of NPS Switzerland has graciously loaned us his and we have used it non stop over the last couple days in Zurich.

Normally Bill and I get along pretty well, but deciding who gets to use the P7000 is causing more than a few arguments.

A couple examples of what we came up with...these files came straight out of the camera, the conversion to black and white was done onboard, in this case a red filter was applied in the profile........

Bill and Pascal Richard

Zurich in the rain