Imagine More / by SARA TANNER

What is imagination?

Join in the worldwide project Imagine More Manifesto, through which Manfrotto hopes to stimulate and share imagination. Participate in the creative conversation by sharing your photos and liking your favorites. The Imagine More Contest is designed to define the first worldwide Imagine More Manifesto and will give creative minds across the globe a chance to walk the red carpet and be recognized at the 2011 Venice Film Festival. The photo contest runs from June 1-15, 2011 and gives more visual social recorders the opportunity to express and share their imagination by uploading their best photos to, Facebook and Flickr.

The winner of the photo contest will receive an exclusive trip to Venice for the next Film Festival. During the prestigious cinema event, the Imagine More Manifesto – a short made by Bill Frakes using the winning text contributions (tweets) and photographs from the Imagine More Contest – will be shown for the first time. Violante Placido will be the patroness of the premiere. The Imagine More Manifesto, a worldwide project through which Manfrotto hopes to stimulate and share imagination, is a movement that, from New York, will involve the entire globe through the Internet and social networks.

Start posting your pictures June 1. Learn more at