Lights, Camera, Action / by Bill Frakes


Karma B Flame is a rap and hip hop artist based in our home town of Jacksonville, FL.

Her music producer, Willetta Smith, mixed the music for our piece Istanbul and its many faces. Willetta is known in close circles as Mamado, as in "Mama-do-it-all," and she does.  She's a very skilled music producer, painter, tattoo artist and video editor, among other things.
They are an incredibly talented and overlooked duo who wrote this song specifically for a music video to be made with the Nikon D4.
They like the song so much that they plan on including it for Karma's upcoming album. More on that when they publish.
Our concept for the video was simple -- she is a beautiful woman with big dreams and immense talent.  We wanted to harness her skills as a dancer and create a video where she is twirling in and out of a daydream, using the camera in various lighting situations to do that.
For the most part, we lit her with a 2k light diffused with a Chimera Medium Quartz bank, but we also did a couple sequences with Lite Panels where power and space weren't available.
We used an EZ-FX jib and Cinevate Atlas 200 linear tracking system to employ smooth motion without the rigging required for a larger production.

We wanted to use the D4 in a different way than we did in Istanbul.  That film is a multimedia project shot as a documentary.  This production is a video that was shot in a completely controlled environment.

We wanted to show the range of DSLR video and what this technology is allowing us to do.

We hope you like it.

Lights, Camera, Action from Straw Hat Visuals on Vimeo.