Manfrotto's SYMPLA Announcement and More from NAB / by Bill Frakes


NAB is great fun. For gear heads, it just doesn't get any better than this. Every corner you turn there is something exciting and intriguing to play with. Over the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to help design and test Manfrotto’s new supports range, the SYMPLA.

The SYMPLA is the perfect match for the flexibility provided by HDSLR filmmaking. It provides multiple supports for your camera and lens, making it well-balanced and stable. It is easy to adjust, easy to pack, and easy to customize.

Comfortable and convertible, the SYMPLA expands creative potential by allowing you to shoot where you want.

In our exclusive behind the scenes video, you can watch many of the different ways we utilized the SYMPLA.

I’m honored to get to introduce the SYMPLA at NAB today, April 17 at 11:30. I’ll be discussing the design and the SYMPLA’s special features.

Yesterday was even better. I got to just roam the floor and visit my friends.

Before I entered the hall, I bumped into Tim David from Apple, who really need to watch where he is going, but that turned into the best surprise of the day. While I was talking to Tim, Garrett Rice - also from Apple came by and made me laugh for 30 minutes. A very nice way to start the day.

Inside, my first stop was Eileen Healey at Chimera -- if there is a nicer person alive I don't know who it is.

Next Dennis Wood at Cinevate. Their new jib is really cool, and I haven't told Laura yet, but we will have one soon. If Dennis only had a little more energy...

Then to Chris Kearns from Small HD Monitors. I love their products. The new D7 monitor is sweet. Incredibly lightweight. It's going to be a huge help with handheld cameras.

I went by Nikon's booth, but the crowd was too big, and so I'll head back today and visit with all of them. There is never enough time with those guys. Kris Bosworth, Scott Diussa, Mark Kettenhoffen, Sara Moosbrugger, Mark Suban, and if I have enough time I'll talk to Mr. Silverman, but that usually requires a few hours and an instruction manual.

A huge bonus for me is the Manfrotto booth where Stacy Pearsall -- check out her new book -- and Andy Dunaway are doing demos and helping explain things. Really fine folks that I am lucky to have as close friends.