Out of Darkness - Jeff Lukas / by Bill Frakes

The Second Life of Jeff Lukas Tim Layden is the writer I work with the most often, and he is a close friend. To say he is intense, driven and immensely talented is an understatement.

Laura and I were fortunate to be asked to shoot video and still portraits, to accompany Tim's incredibly moving, powerfully written essay about Jeff Lukas. I've been reading SI for many years and this long form essay is one of the best.

As usual, Laura and I had to work fast. We had just a few days from start to finish to get to Kentucky to interview D. Wayne Lukas and then move on to tiny Atoka, Oklahoma to complete our part of the Lukas project with Jeff Lukas and David Barrage.

Unusual for us, we sent the footage raw to New York where Collin Orcutt and his team did all of the edits.

I learned a long time ago to let Tim tell the story with his words.

Please spend some time with this piece, you won't regret it: Out of Darkness.