Photograph Nebraska / by Bill Frakes


Life Under a Big Red Sky* is great. I am talking about being there but the book of the same name is terrific. I couldn’t possibly be more proud of my Nebraska heritage, and so when the good folks at Photograph Nebraska invited me to join them for a weekend of photography and storytelling I jumped at the chance.

Never mind that it is my little sister’s birthday--and hey, maybe she’ll come see the talk. Plus my Aunt Edith lives pretty close and with luck maybe she will stop in with cookies. And I have a lot friends strung along I-80--or thereabouts-- that I am hoping will come to visit in Hastings for what will be a terrific weekend.

Buy my old friend Joel Sartore’s wonderful book about Nebraskaness, and I will get him to sign it for you. It’s an amazing piece of work. I’ll split the postage with you, Joel’s too cheap to spring for it..........