Portland-Bound for the New Media Consortium Summer Conference / by Bill Frakes

I've had the honor of working closely with the New Media Consortium, an international group of visionaries who specialize in educational technology. The concept of educational technology takes many forms and is constantly fluctuating. For me, being part of the dynamic conversations that NMC facilitates is exciting and inspiring. Larry Johnson CEO of the NMC asked me to do a keynote presentation on creativity at this year’s convention and suggested I wrap my talk around some of the work I have been doing in my native Nebraska.

I love Nebraska, it's a serene, rugged place full of surprises.  I'm spending a lot of time there this summer and fall producing films and photographs, seeing my family and friends, and enjoying being home.

For more on the NMC Summer Conference, visit http://www.nmc.org/event-manager/2014-nmc-summer-conference-keynotes/