P7800 / by Bill Frakes

I'm lucky that my vocation and avocation are one in the same. I almost always haves a DSLR close by, but there are just some times when I want an extremely lightweight, very small, but full featured camera that I can take everywhere.

The P7800 is a camera I can comfortably share with my 12 year old daughter Havana, and that's a real joy.

Small enough to fit in her pocket and easy for her to handle, it has features and files good enough for me to use for art prints.

These rich, contrasty, luscious black and white images essentially came out of the camera that way. The top image I lightened to bring out the clouds, the other three images are straight from the camera, nothing was done in post production. I configured the camera to shoot b/w and using the built in ND filter, I shot these during the middle of a bright South Florida day.