Schipol, old friend / by Bill Frakes

Laura and I are in the KLM lounge at Schipol. Interesting that in a year that has seen me on more than 100 different flights, the three airports I have visited the most are:

1) Jacksonville International 2) Hartsfield in Atlanta, GA 3) Schipol in Amsterdam

We are headed to Sienna, for the Palio. An incredible, centuries old horse race. Our flight to Florence was cancelled so we are scrambling to make other arrangements.

And by that I mean I am working two cell phones with agents on both sides of the Atlantic, and pounding the keyboard on my Macbook pro.

Laura meanwhile is on her machine cutting a video interview I shot Tuesday in Washington, DC--she'll finish it and upload before we catch our next flight in four hours. The old slogan, there is a deadline every minute, sure fits how we work.

And I would modify it to be not only a deadline every minute, but a different medium to file for constantly. Working in print, web, emag and broadcast television and radio gives us so many different outlets for the stories we want to tell.