Sneak Peek: Cason at Kona / by Laura Heald

With summer coming and the Florida heat making itself at home again, Bill and I are hitting one of our favorite photo spots with one of our favorite kids. Cason Kirk was 12 the first time we shot him at Kona Skate Park. He was just starting out in the competitive skating world. We were testing the multi media waters and the new hybrid Nikon DSLR, the D90.

Things have changed since then. Cason is now 14. He has braces, is about 6 inches taller and is an accomplished skater with numerous sponsorships and championship trophies.

Bill and I have also grown up a bit. We've learned a thing or two since our first days at Kona. The DSLR camera technology has changed dramatically. The Nikon D3s is our favorite camera, for video or stills, on the market. The imaging capabilities are growing every day.

Our supports are changing as well. We now travel with at least six Manfrotto tripods, where we used to only carry two.

We've also learned ways to incorporate some motion. The Atlas Linear Tracking System by Cinevate gives us the motion capabilities of a cinema dolly with only a fraction of the foot print.

But it's not all work. Our friends at Kona have clever ways of using old car tires.

Bill's 9-year-old daughter Havana was the first to try it out, but not the last.

Never a bad way to spend a Wednesday.