The Music and the Road / by Bill Frakes

Strange circles.

My life is a series of free association experiences.
Working for Sports illustrated has put me in position to live on the edge of  some amazing scenes.  I get to drift, seemingly aimlessly but actually with great purpose, from one to the next.
Recording not simply sport, but hopefully the vital cross section of game and culture.
At the University of Georgia, one of the great traditions is the singing of the. Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Listening to the huge red clad crowd singing, following the lead of the lone trumpeter I was taken to another game in a far away land.
20 years virtually earlier to the day I was covering the Australian Rules Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket Club listening to a huge crowd of Aussies singing along with Noel Watson as he saluted the assemblage with Waltzing Matilda.
Both songs, written for different purposes, sung with gusto, in giant stadiums decades and thousands of miles apart.... Connecting the dots in my memory, with many stops in never forgotten places, all the same, all connected, all incredibly unique.
The music, and the road, roll on.