Winter Wonderland / by Bill Frakes

I watched the sun rise over Paris this morning. And now, at 3:00 pm, the little light that was illuminating the Baltic Sea here on the coast of Sweden is slipping quickly away. It’s been extremely cold and humid here and the trees look like they have been dipped in delicious white chocolate.

Flying into Stockholm I was momentarily transported to the other winter we experienced in the last 6 months, and how that one started.

Nikon asked Laura Heald and I to create a film to celebrate the launch of their new flagship camera--the D3S--and we so we headed south. Really, really far south.

Our friend David Callow has been telling me of the wonders of Tasmania for years.

I don’t know why I stayed away so long.  We left the Rocks in Sydney well before sunrise and headed out over the Tasman Sea and swoped into Hobart. Fog above, steam below. When the plane dipped out of the clouds and crossed over the edge of the island we were presented with one of the most glorious views I’ve ever been blessed to witness.

Laura, never very talkative, sat in a stunned silence....and then allowed that it looked the way she imagined Peter Pan’s Never, Never Land looked when she read it time and again as a child.

Thanks Nikon for that. And now for this.

It’s midnight in northern Europe, and I am having hot chocolate and sitting with Laura and software wizard Curt Bianchi next to a fire looking at the ice flows in the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm, Sweden

Jennifer Herbig, another buddy, who has a company called Triple Scoop Music just checked to say hello and tell me that she was sending me a link with some music she’s prepared for a multi media

We are creating images --both moving and still and teaching multi media production. It’s going to go by way too fast.