World Press Friends / by Bill Frakes

The 2015 World Press Photo awards were announced yesterday. My thoughts though were heavily centered on two absent friends. Anja and Kerim.

We lost them both last year, a matter of days apart.

They were close friends, great competitors, and amazing people. I adored them both, the world misses their vision and spirit. They informed millions through their work.


Our shared histories were long and rich with a very brief overlap at World Press Photo. Anja served on the 2013 jury with me. Kerim followed me as sports chair in 2014.

World Press Photo competition is very dear to me. It is a contest I've judged twice, and it's one I've had good success in as a photographer.

missy koch

It is made even more special by the time spent there with these friends. They were both about commitment, dedication, integrity and community. We need much more of all of those things.